High performance low phase noise PLL microwave source,

by Goran Popovic AD6IW
Article published in Dubus magazine 1/2006

The described PLL oscillator was designed for microwave transverters,
Two PLL were showed on the pictures, The PLL (in small metal box) locked on 106.5 MHz
It was designed for 10GHz (DB6NT) transverters. Instalation is easy and doesn't requre modificatons on transverter.

The another PLL oscillator is working on 122.25 MHz. It was built inside 12 GHz DB6NT multilplier. It lock's 47 GHz transverter.

24GHz version with 125.25MHz PLL, will be posted on the web, soon.

To download AD6IW_PLL_PCB Gerber PCB files click here.

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